Veterans Scotland Support & Employment Pillar


The Support & Employment Pillar 

The Support & Employment Pillar of Veterans Scotland is led by Poppyscotland and seeks to provide funding and research support for all Veterans Scotland member organisations. It also covers areas of activity not falling clearly within the remits of the Housing, Care and Membership pillars. The membership of the Support & Employment Pillar comes in the main from those charities whose primary role is to enable other service-providing organisations.

Benevolence. Many organisations provide grants to veterans and their dependants to ease financial distress. Before such a grant can be awarded it is necessary for the person in need to meet with a caseworker who will consider what assistance is required. In Scotland, the bulk of caseworking is done by SSAFA Forces Help.

Advice. Many of the Support Pillar charities focus on the provision of advice on a wide range of issues affecting former Servicemen and women and their dependants. For example, veterans who have been injured in the course of duty may be eligible to receive a war pension. The Royal British Legion Scotland helps many ex-Service men and women with their war pension claims and also provides free representation at appeal cases. If you need advice on war pensions then you should call 0131 557 2782 and ask for the Pensions Advisory Service.   Assistance is also provided to war widows and on compensation claims.

Support to other organisations. Many Support Pillar organisations provide grants to other charities delivering specific, hands-on support to Veterans in Scotland. These grants represent just some of the support grants made by a wide range of Support Pillar charities.

Supported Employment. In Scotland, there are currently two providers of supported employment for disabled ex-Service men and women. Recent research suggests that much more could be done to meet the need in this area and the Support Pillar charities are working hard to address this.

Veterans Supported Employment Group.

In response to research into the employment needs of disabled and vulnerable veterans commissioned by Poppyscotland in 2008, a Supported Employment Group comprising organisations working in this field was formed to take forward the recommendations of the research.

The recommendations, of which there were fifteen in total, covered a wide range of topics ranging from enhancing Employment Consultant support in Scotland, improving links with Jobcentre Plus, to raising awareness of supported employment initiatives among veterans.     The group has made good progress in delivering  a number of the recommendations.

Veterans Scotland is a member of this group

The group members are:

Combat Stress                                            

Glasgow’s Helping Heroes                         

Job Centre Plus                                          

Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory                         

Lothian Veterans' Centre                           

Officers Association Scotland                      


Regular Forces Employment Association    


Scottish Association for Mental Health       

Veterans Scotland                                        


The individual group members provide a wide range of services to veterans, an over view of which can be found at

Alternatively, please go to the individual organisations’ websites for further information about their services.

Prison In Reach. Veterans Scotland is working with the Scottish Prison Service and other bodies to develop initiatives to work with veterans in prison to ease their passage back into the mainstream.

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There are a wide range of support agencies available to both veterans and also those who look to assist them.  We have produced a small booklet which give information on some of the points of contact that you may find useful:

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